Equine photography by Kate Lloyd – what to expect

Preparing for the equine photography shoot

I want to make sure that we get as much as possible out of our time together. Much of this will be as a result of discussion when you book your session, but having a good understanding of where your horse is stabled and the surrounding area will help ensure the shoot runs smoothly. Sending a few snaps taken with your mobile phone of the yard, paddock and any other places that might provide a pleasant backdrop – streams, lakes, bridges and so on – will be really useful.

What should you wear?

It’s best to choose clothes in which you feel comfortable. If you’re happiest in a shirt and jeans, wear them! If you want to be more formal, that’s fine too. Feel free to bring along a selection of clothing that we can choose from on the day, but do keep in mind what colours will work well next to your horse.

Preparing your horse

Needless to say, your horse should be beautifully groomed – a clean and shining coat, mane and tail combed out. All tack should be clean. For the most part, your horse will only need to wear a head collar and bridle, but we may also use the saddle later in the shoot.

On the day

Every horse is different and some will be more tolerant than others. Most shoots last no longer than two hours, but I always let the horse’s mood dictate that. You know your horse best so you will also know when it’s time to stop.

Please don’t worry about whether your horse will behave or get bored. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your horse will be. I’m very patient and know how to get the best out of even the trickiest equine customers!

Choosing your images

Within four weeks of the shoot, we’ll meet to view a lightly edited selection of images. This could be anything between 50-100 shots. You can then choose the ones you most like and decide how you want them presented. As well as the framed print, which is included within the price of the photography shoot, I also offer canvases, photobooks, unframed prints and digital images on CD, and will show you examples of all the options during the viewing.

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